About us

Royal Ambience is articulate store/ shop of elegant wooden furniture and exclusive accessories for home decor, the widest range of ready furniture and decor artifacts to suit the taste and budgets of all. Our repertoire of products consists of, bed sets, dining sets, sideboards, cabinets, sofa sets, center tables, side tables, corners, consoles, fireplaces and every such thing that can form a part of home furniture.

The art gallery comprises of eloquent artifacts, murals, paintings, pottery, outstanding flower arrangements, lamps and shades and a lot more. We boast of the largest collection of classical as well as contemporary Indian furniture under one roof.
All different type of woods have unique signature marks, that can help in easy identification of the type. There are hardwood and softwoods. Both are used in furniture manufacturing, and each have their own specific uses.
Suryanagari handicrafts, a specialized business offering a vast & unique Range of Indian Wooden Furniture (made in Sheesham i.e India Rosewood, OAK, Accacia, Mango & Teak Wood) With its Antique, Heritage, Sophisticated Rustic, Hard Solid Look, the furniture brings a dynamic sense of fashion into living space whether it is a modern studio or a historic home. Old & Indian Antique Goods, Indian Handicrafts, Iron Articles, Gift Items and Ethnic & Modern & Furnishing Accessories.
Antique hardwood furniture for:

Living Room   (Sofa set, Book shelf, Center table, Divan, Indian siting, Show case, TV cabinet, Wooden flooring, Rocking Chair, Swing, ect.)
Dining Room   (Dining, Chairs, Crockery unit, Bench, Bar, Wooden doors & Windows, Traditional Dining, etc.)
Bedroom        (Bed, Bed side, Wardrobe, Dressing table, Sideboard, Study table, Trunk, Wooden Lofts, Mirror etc.)
Accessories     (Gift articles, Mirrors, Wooden framing, Show pieces, Wall hangings, Paintings, Name plate, Temple, Zarokha, Flower pot, etc.)

Royal Ambience by Suryanagari Handicrafts – Give Your Home a Retro Look with Traditional Ethnic Furniture Range.